Chris Calthrop. K48.

Professional waterman since 1993.

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The K48 Story:
First British person to ride Jaws. February 1997. (ITV/PBS Savage Seas TV series)
First to Kitesurf the English Channel. September 1999 (Guinness Record). 
First person to Kitesurf Jaws. December  1999.

Kite                   ------           Jaws                  ------          English Channel

BWA Wave Classic Expression Session, Cornwall 1996 - 1st Place
Soul Wave Contest Expression Session, Klitmuller, September 1996 -
2nd Place
BWA Tiree Wave Classic, October 1997 Expression Session -
2nd Place
BKSA Kitesurfing Portland Classic, April  2001  -
1st Place
Kiteboard Pro Tour World Cup, Greece, July 2001 Expression Session -
Final Year Competition Rankings:
2nd place in the British Kitesurfing Championships 2001
7th Place in the Kiteboard Pro World Tour 2001.

Final Year Sponsors:

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Sponsors: Brunotti, Daggers Sunglasses, Aerotech, Croakies, Maui Magic, FlexiFoil


Working as Helicopter Pilot, based in S.E UK with a sideline in Oil Painting.