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Chris Calthrop.

Sail Number K48.

Jaws 3D............ don't look up!
Always keepin' a sense of humour about things..

Personal History.

Born in Singapore October 1970.

Lived in Zambia until 1988.

Learnt to windsurf in summer 1988, age 18.

1988 - 1991 attained Mechanical Engineering Degree at London University by age 20.

Started wavesailing in "homebreaks" Camber and Gwithian, UK, end of 1991

First windsurfing contest was Barbados 1993 - 17th place.

First full year of PBA Wave Tour - 1994.

A double forward attempt in the Da Kine contest, Maui, Hawaii
back when doubles were new.....

Significant results:

PBA Guincho Wave Classic 1995 - 5th Place

BWA Wave Classic Expression Session, Cornwall 1996 - 1st Place

Soul Wave Contest (surfing and windsurfing) Klitmuller, September 1996 - 4th Place

Soul Wave Contest Expression Session, Klitmuller, September 1996 - 2nd Place

BWA Tiree Wave Classic, October 1996 - 3rd Place

BWA Tiree Wave Classic Expression Session, 1997 - 2nd Place

Da Kine Hawaiian Wave Pro-Am, 1998 - 21st Place

Morroco Kitesurfing World  Cup, June 1999 - 8th Wave/ 4th Coastal Race

Dominican Republic World Cup April 2000 - 7th Place.

Last full year PWA World Wave ranking: 21st

Final Year Sponsors:

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Sponsors: Brunotti, Daggers Sunglasses, Aerotech, Croakies, Maui Magic, FlexiFoil

"Wisdom gained through wild youth"

"Surfin' time...."


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