Blade Kite Loop.

As anyone who has sent a Blade through the power zone knows.. 
The result has never been pretty! Until now....

BladeKiteLoop.avi showing:
Double back loop with backward kite power loop, circa 2004.
(Not to be compared with de-powerable 
kite loops, as done
on 4-line inflatables or 
kite spins as done on brake-turned foils.)

(Note on Kite Loops: As the sport evolves into this new era it 
is important to understand the differences in kites to judge the manoeuvre. The more inside itself a kite turns the easier a kite loop is. The more dynamically powerful the kite, the harder a kite loop is. For example: If a kite just rotates 360dgs directly above a rider's head, it is just a "kite spin"; But if it carves a massive powered arc close to the water line with rider airborne, then that is surely a real "kite loop" or "power loop". If the kite is de-powerable in the middle of that manoeuvre the skill level required is very much reduced, as with all depowered manoeuvres of course. Being in bindings with no option for bailing adds yet another element." 


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