Helpful Tips and the Future

Important Extra Tips.

There are 10 very important extra tips that are given at the end of the "LESSON".

Moving on to full on forwards.

Once you have done the first step of "getting over" with board and rig it is important to keep practicing. The hard bit is over so keep pushing. To progress try doing them faster, more aggressively and off bigger swell so that there is more clearance on the other side. As you gain more confidence you will automatically move on to going off proper waves. And then even further on to trying to get height before "throwing" the forward. At this level you don't bear off so much. Some advanced goals are then to land clean on your feet and not let the mast tip hit the water at all. You do this by sheeting in harder and staying tucked up small for longer.


This is the safest way to learn forwards that I know. "Safe" is what you understand it to be. For me it means "no undesired contact with the rig or board in the case of a wipeout" which I feel is an adequate definition. By also keeping the fear factor that has to be overcome to a minimum I hope that many more people will feel capable of doing them. If you follow my instructions to the letter you should not get hurt. I have tried to think of every possible scenario to reduce the risks but I don't claim to have got rid of them all, there are too many variables. What fun would it be if there wasn't that little element of danger anyway...?
Go for it and good luck!

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