Hi there, welcome to the most comprehensive forward technique article yet. With so many people asking me "How do you do a forward?" I couldn't think of a better way to get detailed, accurate instruction to so many people, without losing my voice! Now, since its creation, so many people have emailed me to say "Thanks", and that they have finally learnt to loop from this lesson. Enjoy!

I recommend, at some point, reading all the background THEORY and TIPS as they contain crucially important information. They will save you a lot of misunderstandings AND possible accidents!
Click your way through the interactive LESSON, slide by slide, for a better insight into learning how to do a Forward Loop than any magazine article or video could do. The animation will load in the right window while you click through the slide sheets in the left.

I am still planning to follow this with more of similar lessons so come back!

Created by Cyber Chris K48
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